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Qingxian Meikairui Brush Processing Factory
My name is Meikairui Brush Processing Factory in Qingxian County. We specialize in producing all kinds of makeup brushes. Makeup brushes are divided into two categories. The first is made of fiber wool, and the other is made of pure animal hair. In 2006, the company began to produce wool, providing
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Sincere and assured transaction
We are a professional manufacturer of various cosmetic brushes and car cleaning brushes. The first time you see a brush is whether it is wool or not. Our company mainly produced all kinds of wool. The price and quality of the brushes made by our company, you can rest assured to use the order. Can be OEM production. Sample processing. look forward to your letter
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Workers' day at work
Workers are making makeup brushes to link the fiber hairs. Squat out hairy. It's all hand-made very delicate work. The fiber hair has good elasticity and can be regenerated. Each hair has a thickness of 0.6 without frying the face. Today is a work day
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10 sets of brushes made of synthetic wool
The most important thing about makeup brushes is the combination of each structure and the importance of artificial synthetic hair. The quality of the handle is very important. Combine this brush and be strong and durable. It's hard to be broken if it's not broken by man
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Black classic brush set with 4 pieces of PBT wire material
The four brushes have a blush brush and a loose face brush, and the trimming brushes are all black
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About us

Qingxian Meikairui Brush Processing Factory is a professional manufacturer of cosmetic brushes which was established in 2006.  Makeup brushes has two types , one is made of fiber synthetic Hair ,the other is pure animal hair........

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October 04,2021
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September 22,2021
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