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6-pack wool fine peak material brush set

7 animal hair makeup brushes

Animal hair material brush set

Any makeup brush can be made according to customer requirements

archaeological brush

Art pen

Back rubbing is a Japanese favorite 

Bleached wool beauty tools

Blush brush

Blush brush large loose powder brush good elasticity


Car interior cleaning brush

Chinese wood color makeup brush

Chubby squat foundation brush

Cleaning brush

Cleaning tools

Cleansing brush

Computer cleaning brush

Criminal investigation brush

Criminal investigation special brush animal hair material

Evenly dyed brush

Eye shadow eyeliner eyebrow brush

Face brush

Factory direct sales

Fiber hair foundation milk brush

Fiber hair makeup brush

Fiber hair wooden handle bath brush

Film and television equipment cleaning brush

Foundation brush fiber hair material

Foundation brush PBT wire material

Foundation brush synthetic hair material

Foundation brush with PBT silk material for face foundation

High light scattered paint

horse hair

Industrial cleaning brush

Japan No. 55 foundation brush can also print LOGO according to customer requirements

Large makeup brush wool

Lipstick brush

Loose powder brush eyebrow brush eye shadow brush

Makeup brush

Makeup Brush Packaging Box

Makeup brushes each brush package

Makeup tool made of capillary light peak material with good elasticity

Makeup Tools Makeup Brushes

Massage brush


Men's Grooming Tools

multifunctional foundation brush

nail beauty brush

nail brush

Natural mane

Oil paintbrush

Oily pen


PBT Makeup brush set

PBT silk beauty makeup brushes have bright and beautiful colors

PBT silk beauty tools special wool

PBT silk makeup brush blush brush loose powder brush

PBT wire brush can be produced according to customer samples

Pink beauty tool set brush

Pony hair eye shadow brush

Pony hair makeup brush

Professional brush for foundation

Professional sales of synthetic wool in various colors

Pure animal hair beauty tools

Pure animal hair makeup brush

Pure wool makeup brush blush highlighter brush

Record cleaning brush

Retractable lipstick brush

Retro handle makeup brush

Sale of makeup bristles

Senior bath brush with wooden handle

Shaving brush

Sketch pen

Snow fox fur

Stippling brush

Synthetic hair makeup brush 1 set 4

Water-based pen

Watercolor brush

Wooden handle massage bristles are soft and well-shaped


Wool beauty brush

Wool makeup brush

Wool makeup brush set

Wool material brush set with beautiful price

Yellow wolf tail hair

Yellow wolf tail material nail brush does not split

About us

Qingxian Meikairui Brush Processing Factory is a professional manufacturer of cosmetic brushes which was established in 2006.  Makeup brushes has two types , one is made of fiber synthetic Hair ,the other is pure animal hair........

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