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Qingxian Meikairui Brush Processing Factory

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My name is Meikairui Brush Processing Factory in Qingxian County. We specialize in producing all kinds of makeup brushes. Makeup brushes are divided into two categories. The first is made of fiber wool, and the other is made of pure animal hair. In 2006, the company began to produce wool, providing various high-quality bristles for major cosmetic brush factories. In 2010, our company started to produce makeup brushes. In 2019, we have our own trademark summer flower. We started mass production of makeup brushes; and there are 5 people specializing in developing new products, including 50-60 professional makeup brushes. What do you see at first sight of a makeup brush? Is it Mao? The quality of hair directly affects the quality and price of makeup brushes. There are many types of wool subdivisions. There are delicate light peaks, medium light peaks, and white sharp peaks. Our company is the earliest professional manufacturer of various cosmetic brushes. It can guarantee the quality.

About us

Qingxian Meikairui Brush Processing Factory is a professional manufacturer of cosmetic brushes which was established in 2006.  Makeup brushes has two types , one is made of fiber synthetic Hair ,the other is pure animal hair........

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